There were two bids for the 2021 Meeting. The Barcelona Team presented the Spanish bid and the Bruges Team presented the Belgian bid. Following this there was a closed ballot. Counts from the closed ballot at the AGM were added to the web votes.

The Bruges team won the ballot and will be hosting the 2021 meeting.

The presentations of both teams are below.

AusterityImpactThe General Management Committee of the EACD asked Dr Karen Horridge in the UK to lead an international working group to consider this, in light of anecdotal concerns about the impact of changes following the financial crisis of 2008 and since, including cuts to public services in some countries.The work was carried out in partnership with the University of Sunderland, UK.

The work found that austerity measures have indeed impacted both directly and indirectly on families with disabled children across Europe in those countries where such measures have been implemented.

Tbilisi Meeting

Dear Colleagues

The 30th EACD2018 conference in Tbilisi has finished.  We think it was quite successful.  Numbers are very impressive-5 continents, 45 countries and more than 500 participants.

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