15-19 July 2019, University of Pisa - EACD Summer School, Pisa, Italy

Pisa Summer school

Evidence based medicine and research in rehabilitation of childhood disabilities

A course on research in child rehabilitation and good clinical practice

Coordinator: Prof. Giovanni Cioni (Pisa)


Monday July 15: Patient and family-centred research – identifying a research question together

Tutors: Jules Becher (Amsterdam) & Karen van Meeteren (Weesp). Lecturer: Andrea Guzzetta (Pisa)

Tuesday July 16: From research question to research proposal – methodological issues in childhood disability research

Tutors: Hans Forssberg (Stockholm) & Juliet Goldbart (Manchester). Lecturer: Elisa Santocchi (Pisa)

Wednesday July 17: The childhood disability research toolbox – instruments and measurements in neurodevelopmental and rehabilita1on science

Tutors: Ann Christin Eliasson (Stockholm) & Arnab Seal (Leeds). Lecturer: Giuseppina Sgandurra (Pisa)

Thursday July 18: Good clinical practice in childhood disability research – fostering the credibility, scientific and ethical quality of your research

Tutor: Bernard Dan (Brussels) Afternoon: Visit to Stella Maris Founda7on and main research laboratories

Friday July 19 : My career in childhood disability research – a look towards the future based on the week’s experiences

Tutors: Christopher Newman (Lausanne) & Miklós Lászlo Györffi (Brussels)

Full programm of the course is here

Monica Casacci, Elena Beani, Marco Konings
INFO: summerschool2019@fsm.unipi.it

Giuseppina Sgandurra

Scientific Committee
Jules Becher, Bernard Dan, Christopher Newman