Bursaries for EACD 2020 meeting in Poznan


To support people from low income countries to attend the EACD Annual Meeting 2020 the EACD and the local organizing committees are providing bursaries.

The EACD 2020 Organizing Committee seeks out applicants who are highly motivated, currently in clinical practice, and who are ready to disseminate knowledge acquired at the meeting to others in their home country once they return. Particular emphasis is placed on assisting those from Hinari countries.

For all bursary requirements and conditions please visit: http://www.eacd2020.org/Konferencja-32nd-European-Academy-Of-Childhood-… for more information.

Bursary recipients receive:

  • Complimentary registration of the EACD 2020 annual conference;
  • Valuable networking opportunities;
  • Opportunity to learn from multi-disciplinary experts in the field of childhood-onset disabilities;
  • Reimbursement of travel, lodging and food expenses up to max. 700€

How to apply:

1. Download and complete the bursary application form from: http://www.eacd2020.org/Konferencja-32nd-European-Academy-Of-Childhood-…;  

  • Personal information (Name, Address, Email)
  • Brief CV – current employment, academic and clinical interests, career objectives, research and/or teaching experience (no more than 100 words);
  • Motivation for this application - statement of your motivation for applying for the scholarship, how you propose to implement any new knowledge obtained into your current practice and share the information with others (no more than 100 words);
  • At least one recommendation from your supervisor and/or institution partner/coworker;
  • Additional information – e.g. declaration of submission to the annual EACD 2020 meeting.

2. Send the application document to: contact@eacd2020.org  

The bursaries are financed by EACD and the local organizing committee. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Bursaries can only be claimed after the conference and not in advance.

The application deadline for a 32nd EACD Annual Meeting 2020 bursary/scholarship is December 15th, 2019. Please send all documents as mentioned above before this date to contact@eacd2020.org
Bursary applicants will be notified of results by January 15th, 2020.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Marek JOZWIAK         Prof. Christopher NEWMAN   Assoc. prof. Malgorzata SYCZEWSKA
Chair of Organizing Committee                           Co-chairs of Scientific Committee