IAACD Global COVID-19 Childhood Disability Data Coordination project


The IAACD COVID-19 Task Force has taken the initiative to launch the Global COVID-19 Childhood Disability Data Coordination project. This project aims to map out data collection initiatives currently in development or launched worldwide related to COVID-19 and Childhood Disability. They are performing a scoping review of surveys using quantitative and/or qualitative methods, which are currently in development or have been launched around the world related to the impact of COVID-19 on childhood-onset disabilities, asking their respondents – individuals with a disability, caregivers, and/or professionals – to report directly on their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours regarding the impact of COVID-19. The results of this initiative will be shared publicly with all IAACD member academies, other organizations, and researchers in the spirit of the global COVID-19 childhood disability coalition for data coordination and collaboration.

A surveys data collection form has been posted on the IAACD COVID-19 Task Force website: https://iaacd.net/iaacd-covid-19-task-force/surveys-subgroup-2/. EACD encourages anyone who are or have been performing a national/regional/international survey to report their survey via the link above as well. The end product of this IAACD COVID-19 Task Force initiative is to produce a Global Childhood Disability Data Coordination report mapping out data collection initiatives describing the impact of COVID-19 worldwide on children and young adults with disabilities and their families . The IAACD COVID-19 Task Force may also be able to help you to further disseminate the surveys.