Job vacancies on the EACD General Management Committee

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The EACD has a number of vacancies to fill for the General Management Committee (GMC) from May 2019 when the present post holders will be finishing their terms of office. These positions offer an exciting opportunity to shape and guide the activities of the EACD.

  1. The second term of our current Chairman will come to an end in 2020. Following changes to the process of handover for our Chair, a 'Prospective Chairperson' will be elected this year, who will deputise for one year in order to promote smoother transition when our current Chairman finishes his second term next year (Term new Chairperson: 2020-2023).
  2. We have a vacancy on the GMC for the position of Member (Term 2019-2022).
  3. The first term of our Member and Newsletter Editor is coming to an end, and is eligible for re-election (Term 2019-2022).

Roles and responsibilities of Members of the GMC:

  • To be present at the GMC meeting during the EACD conferences as well as a Mid-term meeting which may be undertaken as a web meeting, saving travel time and expense;
  • To contribute to strategic decisions of the EACD through representation of the members on the GMC;
  • To read documents sent by emails and provide timely response;
  • To read and evaluate abstracts submitted for EACD conferences;
  • To act as Chair during different sessions of the EACD conferences.

For more details of policies and relevant documents please see

Should you have any queries about any of the vacancies, or interest in applying for any of these positions, please contact Elegast Monbaliu, Secretary (, or Dido Green, Chair Nominations Committee (

Interested individuals should send a brief CV and brief statement of motivation for applying to by 21st May 2019.