Inclusion towards innovation and participation

Mathieu Chatelin

Matthieu Chatelin

Matthieu, 30 years old, was born at 25 weeks. Due to his very premature birth, he has got a cerebral palsy with secondary deficiencies. He receives assistance from PA’s for the 24 hours care he requires.

Matthieu obtained two Masters of Arts in the fields of Human Rights and International relations, thanks to the studies he completed both at University College London and the American University of Paris. He lived in London for several years prior to coming back in France during 2015.

He is a strong advocate in terms of Disability Rights and Human Rights at the international level. Following a United Nations volunteering which he undertook at the European Arm of the Office of the UN High-Commissioner for Human Rights, Matthieu carries on with his duties as an elected official. Since 2015, he sits at the European Disability forum and since 2017 he equally serves as a delegate at the 4th European Parliament of persons with disabilities.

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