Poznan meeting
Ladies and Gentlemen! We would like to draw your attention to the EACD Annual meeting 2020 which will be held at Poznan Congress Center from 17th – 20th June 2020 in Poznan, Poland!
Movement Difficulties

Mac Keith Press has recently published the book Movement Difficulties in Developmental Disorders: Practical Guidelines for Assessment and Management by David Sugden and Michael Wade, which could be of great interest to members of the European Academy of Childhood Disability.

Pisa Summer school

Evidence based medicine and research in rehabilitation of childhood disabilities
A course on research in child rehabilitation and good clinical practice
Coordinator: Prof. Giovanni Cioni (Pisa)

Paris meetings slides

For the ones who missed the conference or some specific sessions, the keynotes, the oral presentations (.pdf), posters (.pdf) and some video recording of the authors who agreed to share them are av

The European Academy of childhood Disability (EACD) 2019 conference took place in Paris between the 23th and the 25th of May. The motto of the conference was “Innovation for participation” with a clear aim of the organizing committee to emphasize the association of these two “hot” topics.

IAACD Log competition

The International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (IAACD) are in need of a logo that reflects our goals and message, and we need your help!

La Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale

La Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale decided this year to renew its support for research on Cerebral Palsy by launching a call for a great joint project in 2020.


Selected abstracts of the 31st Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability are published in a special issue of the Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology and are available on

Occupational Therapy

A systematic review of paediatric occupation therapy for children with disabilities by Iona Novak and Ingrid Honan has been published in the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal. 2019 Apr.10

EACD logo

The EACD has a number of vacancies to fill for the General Management Committee (GMC) from May 2019 when the present post holders will be finishing their terms of office. These positions offer an exciting opportunity to shape and guide the activities of the EACD.
1. The second term of our current Chairman will come to an end in 2020. Following changes to the process of handover for our Chair, a 'Prospective Chairperson' will be elected this year, who will deputise for one year in order to promote smoother transition when our current Chairman finishes his second term next year (Term new Chairperson: 2020-2023).