Process for Selection of bids for Annual Meeting Locations

Aim and Purpose:

To have a defined and transparent process for the selection of Annual Meeting Locations

1. Introduction

1.1. This document sets out the proposed process for selection of Annual Meeting Locations

1.2. The process aims to be clear and transparent to all

1.3. Selection shall be made in accordance with the constitution and aims of EACD

2. Process

2.1. The National Co-ordinators of all countries will be notified that the GMC are accepting outline bids 4 years before the Annual Meeting

2.2. All interested parties must submit their outline bid to the GMC by the midterm meeting 6 months before the AGM, 3 years prior to the year they wish to host the Annual Meeting

2.3. The GMC will assess suitability of all outline bids submitted. (Aims of EACD, financial risk etc)

2.4. Approved outline bids will be presented to the members via the Newsletter one month prior to the AGM

2.5. Approved outline bids will be presented to the AGM 3 years before the proposed Annual Meeting.

2.6. The final selection will then be made by the members present at the AGM

2.7.  Bidding countries will be asked to leave during voting

2.8. Only one years meeting will be agreed each year

3. Timing

3.1. The organisers must be able to organise the proposed Annual Meeting between mid-May and the end of June to be considered for the selection process

Bids for hosting next Annual Meetings of the EACD


The EACD General Management Committee would like receive proposals of interest in hosting next Annual Meeting.


All interested parties can send in their bids to EACD Chair (, and Secretary (secretary@eacdorg) before the next GMC meeting at Newcastle on 9th October 2013.


We look forward to hearing from you.