EACD National Co-ordinators

The EACD National Co-ordinators play an important role in developing multi-disciplinary expertise in member countries. They are the eyes, ears and voice of the EACD. At present the EACD has National Co-ordinators from 28 European countries. Names and contact details of all National Co-ordinators can be found on the EACD website (http://www.eacd.org/national-coordinators.php).

There have been some changes in National Co-ordinators in the last couple of years. We have 3 countries which have joined and elected National Co-ordinators. There also have been changes in some of the existent co-ordinators where the baton has been passed on to new hands.

New countries that have joined

Republic of Ireland: Brenda McLoughlin 

Georgia: Maia Gabunia

Moldova: Ivan Puiu                    

Change of National Co-ordinators

Elegast Monbaliu replaces Bernard Dan for Belgium

Sylvain Brochard replaces Philippe Evrard for France

Rainer Blank replaces Ulrich Haug for Germany

The EACD is keen for all members to make good use of their National Co-ordinators to further the cause of disabled children and their families in the member countries. If your country does not have a National Co-ordinator and you or a colleague is interested in the role then please contact the EACD Secretary (secretary@eacd.org). The roles and responsibilities of the National Co-ordinator can be found under the Documents (Policy) section of the EACD webpage.

The EACD would welcome your views and comments on the National Co-ordinator role and how it can be further improved to serve you.