"The Boudiccae Film" - monologues of mothers who have children with special needs

“What do you do when you are told nothing ?
When the only answer you get is silence ?”

"The Boudiccae" is a short film based around 4 interlocking monologues of Northamptonshire (UK) mothers who have children with special needs. The film can be viewed on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imLTwY5768Q

The film encapsulates what are the principal child health issues today such managing chronic evolving complex disability, palliative care, child adoption and acceptance of children with complex needs by their non-disabled peers.

We follow Charlie, a young adult on her journey to become a wheelchair actress.

This pioneering film will teach compassion in the light of the Francis Report (2013). Its target audience is student and trainee healthcare professionals (medical, nursing, health visiting) whose limited experience of life means they have little to draw upon when facing children with complex needs and their families for the first time.

Dr Andrew N. Williams
Consultant community paediatrician
Northampton General Hospital,
United Kingdom