"Innovative approach of reeducation: Conductive learning center in France. How could active learning change the everyday life of children with motor disorder?"

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Centre d'Education Conductive du Gard

Active learning is possible with children with motor disorder. The conductive education program leads children
towards a higher level of autonomy by teaching them to solve problems. In our center we provide group sessions
with a teaching-learning process that requires parental participation as well, in order to enable the families to use
all tasks learnt at the center in their home too.

The main aim is to show the possible changes in everyday life of children with motor disorder with the innovative
approach of conductive learning and the consequences of these changes for the family.

Materials and methods:
We used the International Classification of Functioning (ICF). We developed a score adapted to our program and
limited it to 10 items. We collected data from 41 children during initial assessment and at the end of the first
block course. We compared the results.
In a second time, we sent a survey to all the families exploring concrete changes in daily life.
We processed and analyzed all data collected.

Results and conclusion:
First results show a significant gain in functionality for children, as well as positive changes in the quality of daily
life for the family.
The evaluation by ICF deserves to be enriched with more items. The evaluation should be repeated regularly to
show the evolution of children over time.

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