"Family centred reeducation system with a holistic approach: Conductive Education at the CEC du Gard"

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Centre d'Education Conductive du Gard

Conductive Education is a global reeducation system for individuals with a motor disorder. It provides a holistic
program in group sessions, that covers all aspects of the development. Children may participate all year round or
in block courses. Those who are already integrated in a school system may participate with individual planning
with a shared time schedule, with 2-3 days in conductive group sessions and the other days at the mainstream
school, allowing to associate specialized and ordinary education.
Conductive education is experiencing a boom in France and a growing interest among families and professionals.

The primary aim of this presentation is to show the main characteristics of Conductive Education and the changes
in everyday life of children with motor disorder with the innovative conductive teaching.

Materials and methods:
Presentation of conductive education, its characteristics and results, using our database of the last four years.

Results and conclusion:
Conductive education presents multiple characteristics and principles showing that it can be an interesting
approach for children with motor disorder:
- Global re-education
- Parent's coaching/support and their consequences in everyday life
- Children's increased functionality
- Positive approach
- Possibility to associate with specialized and ordinary education

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