"Parents coaching: an innovative tool in the reeducation of children with motor disorder Why and how can we integrate family members in the teaching-learning process?"

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Centre d'Education Conductive du Gard

In many therapies and services for children with motor disorder, parents usually do not take part in the
reeducation process. However, a lot of families face difficulties in the everyday care, and seek for support.
Current recommendations advise the inclusion of families in the reeducation process as well as their training and support.
Furthermore, families are more and more in demand. We propose a complete work of guidance, training and
parental support to care to these issues.

We want to show the possible ways of parents' involvement in our Conductive (re)Education program with the
powerful tool of parents' coaching.
The presentation attempts to show the main principles of parents' coaching in Conductive Education and the
interface between everyday educational needs.

Materials and methods:
We will introduce our daily work with families at our Conductive Education Center.

Results and conclusion:
Parents' coaching in Conductive Education program helps the parents to:
- Find their role as a parent,
- Discover and understand the potential of their children,
- Be more confident in their ability to support their children,
- Assist their children in a more adequate way,
- Have constructive and realistic expectations,
- Have individual goals and tasks that they can apply at home,
- Find support from peers
The work of parental guidance requires the specific training of professionals and most importantly, willingness of the institution to include families.

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