Paediatric Disability Distance Learning Courses

Paediatric Disability courses

In the UK, we have for over 13 years run a very successful Sheffield Diploma in Neurodisability for trainees working with disabled children and their families. Many of our leading neurodisability consultants are graduates of the course, which they joined as trainees since it covers all the essentials of the neurodisability training curriculum.

However, it is also a fantastic development opportunity for clinicians already established in the field. Those who have been through the course often tell us how important it has been to them in developing a lifelong network of similarly-minded colleagues.

The course has previously been run through Sheffield Hallam University. However, over the last couple of years Sheffield Hallam has had some organisational changes, and at the same time the needs of the course participants have evolved. So, in Spring 2017 we made the decision to go our separate ways and run the course differently.

The Diploma is now run as a partnership arrangement between BACD and Sheffield Children's Hospital. This has opened up some really exciting opportunities by giving us a lot more flexibility than we had through the University. This has also allowed us to develop our content to welcome a much wider range of clinical staff including allied health professionals and nurses and we are now able to offer distance learning courses in ADHD and Epilepsy. We can also give more flexibility in the pace at which students can complete the courses available.

If you are interested in learning more about the Diploma course or our other courses in ADHD and Epilepsy please see the link below for more information.…

And call the course team for a chat if you want any further information on +44114 2260613.

Dr. Hilary Cass,
BACD Chair.