Voting for 33rd Annual EACD meeting location

There were two bids for the 2021 Meeting. The Barcelona Team presented the Spanish bid and the Bruges Team presented the Belgian bid. Following this there was a closed ballot. Counts from the closed ballot at the AGM were added to the web votes.

The Bruges team won the ballot and will be hosting the 2021 meeting.

The presentations of both teams are below.

Bruges, Belgium

On behalf of the Belgian Academy of Childhood Disability, it is our honour and privilege to invite the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) to hold her 33rd Meeting in Bruges, Belgium during the last week of May 2021.

"Composing a new symphony" is a conference theme

As organizing committee we would like to welcome you in 2021 for a memorable, historic EACD meeting fully in keeping with its mission, supported by our longstanding Belgian experience with innovation in childhood disability, privileged relationship with the European Institutions, and of course the assets of the city Bruges with its historical, cultural and culinary treasures.

Ass. Prof. Elegast Monbaliu
Chair Belgian Academy Childhood Disabilities

Detailed information on proposal in Bruges

Promofilm on Bruges - link to YouTube

Barcelona, Spain

On behalf of the Spanish Pediatric Physical Therapy Association (SEFIP), whose president is the EACD National Coordinator in Spain, and after a formal decision of our Executive Committee, we firmly and enthusiastically propose to organize the next 33rd European Academy of Childhood Disability Congress on 2021, between the 26th and 29th May, at the Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

"Networking knowledge into actions" is a conference  theme

With the full support of all SEFIP directive board and members and other Spanish Societies, we would be pleased to accept the compromise and responsibility of coordinating all the actions needed for promoting and managing the organization of this congress.

Lourdes Macias-Merlo, PT, PhD.
President of the Spanish Pediatric physical therapy Association (SEFIP)

Detailed information on proposal in Barcelona

Promofilm about Barcelona - link to Youtube