24th EACD Meeting, Istanbul 2012

24th Annual Meeting of European Academy of Childhood Disability, May 16-19, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey

24th Annual Meeting of European Childhood Disability was held on May 16-19, 2012 jointly with the 14th National Pediatric Neurology Congress in İstanbul. A total of 527 attendees from 45 different countries participated.

The main theme was "Bridging- from research to practise". "Bridging" refers to translational medicine, but also represents the need for discussion on the multidisciplinary approach and finding the ways to improve it by inviting many different specialists and therapists. The third main aim was to discuss the latest developments in the field of pediatric neurology. Bridging is also symbolic meaning a bridge between East and West.

On the 16th of May the precongress meetings; 2 half day Symposiums: Management of Neuromuscular Problems in Children and New Physiotherapy Possibilities in Intervention for Children Disability took place with 109 participants.

The official opening ceremony in the morning of May 17 was followed by two plenary sessions entitled "The importance of quality of life in childhood epilepsy" and "Metabolic and neurogenetic disorders mimicking cerebral palsy". In the afternoon, tree main topics ‘’cerebral palsy’’, ‘’Epilepsy’’ and ‘’Early communication and learning disabilities’’ were discussed in parallel sessions.

On the 3rd day plenary sessions were on ‘’neurotransmitter disorders’’ and ‘’orthopaetic management of spine problems in meningomyelocele’’ followed by paralel sessions of ‘’orthopaetic application’’, ‘’prevention of handicapped’’, ‘’Early intervention’’, ‘’Rare neurometabolic disorders in mediterranean countries:are they so rare’’, ‘’Visual impairment’’ and ‘’Feeding and swallowing difficulties’’.

The last day started with paralel sessions on ‘’movement disorders’’, ‘’ADHD’’ and ‘’Early management of hearing loss’’ which was followed by two plenary sessions. The first one by an invited speaker from the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine entitled ‘’ICF and its applicability to CP’’ and second one was a Castang lecture about ‘’Malformation of cortical development’’.

Additionally 9 oral presentation sessions and 13 instructional courses were conducted in paralel sessions. Totally 36 oral presentation and 250 poster presentations were at the meeting. 100 speakers had the chance to share and discuss their experiences with participants in 10 plenary sessions and 17 parallel sessions.

Participants of the 24th annual meeting of European Academy of Childhood Disability enjoyed the social programs as well. As the local organizing committee we believe that we reached our goal that was to organise an excellent scientific and socially enjoyable meeting. But we have to mention that the meeting would have not been of success without the active participations of our members. I would like to thank EACD general management committee for their guidance and we all must express our thanks to the sponsors for their generous support. My special thanks go to our congres secretary Mintaze Kerem Günel and co-president Faik Altınbaş and Berna Akşit from Topkon (official PCO) for their efforts throughout the congress.

As the local organising committee we hope to see you again somewhere in Turkey in the near future.

Prof. Dr. Meral Topçu
President of the 24th Annual meeting of European Academy of Childhood Disability



Scientific Programm


Gerald Mahoney The Role of Parents With Disabilities in Early Intervention

Jeremy Turk Mental Health Needs of Young People who have Intellectual Disability

Mats Granlund Participation in family activities of children with profound multiple disabilities

Maureen E O’Donnell Using the ICF in child development and childhood disability

Linda De Meirleir Disorders of Energy Metabolism Mimicking Cerebral Palsy

Ahmet Alanay Orthopaedic Management of Spine Problems in Myelomeningocele

Photos from the Meetings