32nd EACD Meeting, Poznan, November 25-28, 2020 (Archive)

EACD 2020

The 32nd EACD Annual meeting 2020 was conducted online from Poznan on November 25-28, 2020.

The pandemic substantially changed our perception and understanding of the forms of conducting and realizing the main educational and scientific mission of European Academy of Childhood Disability: to improve the health and participation of children with disabilities by promoting high quality research and the implementation of the results of evidence based research into practice. Our care for the health and safety of delegates as a first, and the international restricted regulations as a second reason, were responsible for converting our 32nd Annual Meeting into a totally virtual form. We are happy to inform you that the EACD 2020 in virtual Poznan was a successful meeting with over 800 participants from 60 countries, including developmental medicine authorities and experts from all around the world. Despite the different time zones and the virtual format, the atmosphere during the conference was remarkable.

High-quality keynote lectures, instructional courses, mini-symposia, oral communications and e-poster presentations inspired a real interaction between participants from different regions, countries with different medical experience and expertise. And let us not forget also the first inaugural meeting of the Polish Academy (PANDa)!

The programme included virtual key note speakers' speeches, podcasts, poster sessions, mini-symposiums and instructional courses.

One of the pre-conference events was a Transatlantic Live Surgery Webinar with simultaneous projections from 6 surgery rooms (Toronto, Wilmington, Munich, Saint Petersburgh, Zakopane, Poznan) followed by live panel discussion. This event had an enormous number of participants from all around the world, and over 7000 online visitors.

Keynote lectures
(EACD members access only)

Keynote lectures of the Poznan meeting are available for EACD members. To view the lectures you need to press the “EACD Login” button on top of the screen that links to the EACD members page https://www.eacd.org/member-login.php. After logging in with your EACD username and password return to the lectures.

Lifespan development with a neurodevelopmental disorder” by Bernard Dan (Belgium)

Cerebral palsy from pediatric neurologist perspective” by Sergiusz Jóźwiak (Warsaw, Poland)

Opening doors to meaningful life participation” by Beata Batorowicz (Canada)

A View from Both Sides" by Henry Chambers (USA)

Parents and transition: out of place, or put in the wrong place?” by Bryony Beresford (UK)

Neuro-rehabilitation to optimize Neuroplasticity in children with Cerebral Palsy” by Rosalyn Boyd (Australia)

“Feeding back to feed forward: How do we use lessons from adults’ experiences to impact children and families?” by Peter Rosenbaum (Canada)

The marvellous 12 months: how the brain shapes itself for a life of relationships” by Andrea Guzzetta  (Italy)

Technology for assessment and therapy in pediatric rehabilitation” by Jaap Harlaar (Netherlands)

Personalized application of rehabilitation technologies in children undergoing neurorehabilitation” by Huub Van Hedel (Switzerland)

High tech treatment in cerebral palsy: individual challenges” by Jeroen Vermeulen (Netherlands)

Not CP but HSP” by Mauricio Delgado (USA)