COVID-19 and disabled children: A Human Rights perspective


 We are pleased to share this challenging editorial and podcast by Dr Verónica Schiariti.  Dr Schiariti speaks for the Latin American Academy of Child Development and Disabilities (ALDID) and reminds us that children with disabilities face two additional challenges during this pandemic.  First the challenge related to their functional limitations; "but most importantly, the many barriers that society throws in their way".  Dr Schiariti urges us to take action and "advocate for clear standards on inclusive humanitarian responses in our communities".

The editorial is available in Spanish, Portugese and Traditional Chinese.

We are grateful to Dr Sciariti for preparing some further educational materials related to COVID-19 and childhood disability for your attention:

Human rights and children with disabilities & COVID-19

Invited Editorial published in the DMCN in March 2020

Podcast describing content of the editorial

Knowledge translation for children

Animations explaining what COVID-19 is to children with and without disabilities – from the children's perspective

WHO disability considerations during COVID-19 & children with disabilities

Podcast in English

All the content prepared by

Verónica Schiariti MD MHSc PhD
Developmental Pediatrician, Adjunct Associate Professor
Division of Medical Sciences
University of Victoria, BC, Canada