A career in childhood disability research – hard skills and soft skills

Christopher Newman

Christopher Newman

Christopher Newman is head physician and Senior Lecturer in the Woman-Mother-Child Department at Lausanne University Hospital. He is head of the Paediatric Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Unit where he leads a multidisciplinary research programme on the rehabilitation of motor disorders in childhood.
He is current chair of the Scientific committee of the European Academy of Childhood Disability.
His research programme is supported by national and regional research funds as well as private foundations and he has received several awards. His research focuses on the measurement and treatment of movement disorders in children, as well as on the wider impact of motor disabilities on general health and well-being.

In his talk Christopher addresses the joys and the challenges of leading a career in childhood disability research. Based on his personal experience and the existing literature he shares a few tips and clues as to the hard and soft skills that will help young researchers along this winding but enthralling road.

Video recorded during the Pisa Summer School on July 19, 2019

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