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Jules Becher

Jules Becher

Prof. Jules Becher did finish his medical education on the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1978.  He specialised in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and in October 1985 he finished his specialization.  In 1986 he started at the University Hospital VU medical center in Amsterdam as paediatric physiatrist. In 2000, he finished his PhD on measurement of impaired muscle function in stroke patients. At that time, he has been an expert in treatment of children with Cerebral Palsy. In 2005, he became a full professor in rehabilitation medicine, especially in paediatric rehabilitation. As well in patient care as in research, he is specialized in central nervous movement disorders. Since 2000, he is involved in ISPO Cerebral Palsy courses about the management of CP.

He is chair of the foundation CP-net, aiming the improvement of treatment of children and adults with Cerebral palsy (www.cp-net.nl).

Video recorded during the Pisa Summer School on July 15, 2019

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