Qualitative research methods in neurodisability

Juliet Goldbart

Juliet Goldbart

Juliet Goldbart is a developmental psychologist and Professor of Developmental Disabilities at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Juliet’s research addresses the communication challenges experienced by children and adults with profound intellectual disabilities or complex physical disabilities, including work on the I-ASC (NIHR) and Routes for Learning (Welsh Government) projects. She is interested in matching research questions with appropriate research methods, particularly in qualitative research, and in approaches to rigour in qualitative research.

Session outline: Qualitative Research Methods in Neurodisability

Aim: to explore qualitative research and its utility in neurodisability research

The session addressed the following topics: A definition of qualitative research methods; the types of research question and context for which they are most useful; and the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative methods. It then addresses appropriate data collection approaches for qualitative research.

A diversity of qualitative methodologies is presented, along with the data analysis approaches derived from these methodologies.

The session concludes with the issue of how to establish quality and rigour in qualitative research and appropriate critical appraisal tools for qualitative research.
There are practical activities at several points. A detailed list of references is provided for the practical activities and for follow up.

Video recorded during the Pisa Summer School on July 16, 2019

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