Voting for the 2023 EACD Annual Meeting


Dear EACD members!

There are two excellent bidding candidates for the 2023 EACD Annual meeting: Ljubljana, Slovenia and Heidelberg, Germany. Both bids are presented below in alphabetical order. Please cast your vote below for your preferred candidate!

The outcome of the online voting will be announced at the EACD Annual General Meeting, November 26th, 19:00-21:00 CET

Heidelberg, Germany

HeidelbergIt is our honor and privilege to invite EACD to hold her 35th Annual Meeting in Heidelberg, Germany during June 7-10th, 2023.

Conference theme: "Developing networks – networks for development"

The 35th annual EACD meeting will focus on this important topic. Strengthening and solidifying of networks – meta and individual, regarding knowledge, connecting countries, disciplines, institutions, clients and families.

The three co-chairs Prof. Rainer Blank, Sabine Vinçon, MScOT and Prof. Georg Friedrich Hoffmann are representatives of two professional groups: medical doctors and therapists. They embody the topic after years of excellent cooperation – living a network of expertise, disciplines and institutions. That’s why they enjoy being good hosts and bringing people together for an unforgettable conference experience.
The cooperation between the renowned Children's Clinic of the University of Heidelberg and one of the largest and leading clinics for pediatric neurology and social pediatrics in Germany, the Children's Centre Maulbronn, is an outstanding example of networking within top-class assessment, basic research with state-of-the-art social pediatric, neuropaediatric and therapeutic treatment.

In keeping with the spirit of networking, the meeting will be planned with the Childrens‘ Network Germany, the leading organisation representing self-aid groups in German speaking countries. The conference will also be supported by renowned non-medical faculties and by national associations.

As a highlight on networking, this conference is planned as a joint meeting of the annual EACD and the international DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) Conference.
A broad range of topics will be covered by underpinning networking in different areas across several levels. Neurodevelopmental Disorders like CP, DCD, autism, ADHD, learning disorders and rare disorders are discussed on the background of different, multidisciplinary views.
Networking in the care of neurodevelopmental disorders…

  1. Multiple views on genetics and neurometabolism: medical, ethical aspects and beyond
  2. Interdisciplinary assessment and intervention
  3. Longterm strategies and outcome
  4. The role of behavioural and feeding problems in early childhood
  5. The complexity of comorbidity: intellectual and behavioural disorders, epilepsy
  6. Impact on the child, family and society

More details about the meeting (PDF)


With approximately 170.000 inhabitants, Heidelberg is a comparatively small city in Germany. Though, Heidelberg is a city with an extraordinary reputation. Internationally, Heidelberg - Mark Twain’s “Germany in a nutshell” - is well known as an international touristic metropolis, and as an outstanding city of science with numerous Nobel Prize Laureates. On top of this inspiring atmosphere, Heidelberg also offers a breathtaking city with its world famous Old Town, short distances to all sights, comprehensive cultural offers, and an enlarged hotel infrastructure. One of the highlights is surely the Heidelberg Concert Hall directly at the river in the center of the Old Town, a perfect place to end your congress day. The New University or – if possible – the new Congress Center being constructed until End of 2022 will be the hosts of the EACD meeting. Finally, Heidelberg can easily be reached by plane and within one hour by train from the largest German International Airport Frankfurt.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Blank, MD
Medical and Managing Director at Children’s Centre Maulbronn, Clinic for Child Neurology and Social Pediatrics, Extraordinary Professor, University of Heidelberg, EACD National coordinator of Germany, EACD Chairman of the Scientific Committee 2009 to 2014.
Sabine Vincon, MScOT
Head of Therapy Standards at Children’s Centre Maulbronn, Clinic for Child Neurology and Social Pediatrics, Germany.
Univ.-Prof., Prof. h.c. mult. (RCH) Dr. Georg F. Hoffmann
Medical Director and Managing Director of the Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine, Chair of Pediatrics, University of Heidelberg.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

It is our honor and privilege to invite EACD to hold her 35th Annual Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia during May 24-27th, 2023.

Conference theme: "Smarter Goals for Better Future"

With our meeting theme “Smarter Goals for Better Future”, we would like to emphasize the importance of goal setting in all processes of care in the rehabilitation of children and youth; it would help us all to be more efficient and cost effective in evidence based/informed programs. Goals should motivate the user (child and family) and make them "reachable" by stretching their abilities and pushing them past their comfort zone. As it is the long-established tradition of the EACD, we would like to propose the conference in Ljubljana to be divided into five main thematic modules:

  1. The importance of Early Intervention
  2. Advances in Management of Orphan Diseases
  3. Management of Pain in children with developmental disorders and Chronic Pain Syndromes in otherwise normally developing children
  4. Goal Setting: Active role of the child and parent in (re)habilitation process
  5. Advances in Technological Support of the rehabilitation process

More details about the meeting (PDF)


Welcome to Slovenia, the only country with the word LOVE in its name! Slovenia is a boutique Central European country of two million inhabitants coiled up by mountains. Slovenia has joined the European Union in 2004 and introduced the Euro as its official currency in 2007.  Ljubljana, referred to as the hidden gem of Europe, is a small, yet vital, vibrant and green city. With 286,000 residents, Ljubljana is a compact and relaxed walking city built to the human scale, whose Old Town quarter is often depicted as a welcoming lounge by meeting planners and delegates alike, ideal for socializing after the sessions. The Slovenian capital features a wealth of history, style, arts and culture, excellent gastronomy and an atmosphere that is both Central European and Mediterranean.

Assist. prof. Katja Groleger Sršen, MD
EACD National coordinator of Slovenia & Head of the Department for rehabilitation of children at University Rehabilitation Institute of Republic Slovenia, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana


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