EACD Europe 2021

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Under the meeting theme 'Childhood Disability in a Changing World', EACD Europe 2021 looked back on the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 on the area of childhood disability, from the use of remote consultation methods and tele-medicine up to the mental health impact. But also looked forward to the newest trends in rehabilitation and care, the possibilities for user-professionals partnerships, and the latest developments in technology and innovation.


EACD Early Career Researchers’ Forum


The EACD Early Career Researchers’ Forum has been launched on Thursday 3 June 2021 during the EACD Europe 2021 Meeting!
All Early Career Researchers within the EACD Community are welcome to join this Forum and to participate in the activities of the Early Career Researchers’ Forum. The Forum is intended to be a central platform run by Early Career Researchers (ECRs) for the ECRs community across Europe active in the area of childhood-onset disability.


EACD Europe 2021 - Full programme now online!


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The organisers of EACD Europe 2021 are dedicated to bring you in 2021 a truly virtual EACD meeting, unique in its format and set-up. As such, EACD Europe 2021 will be online, innovative, proactive, and using a cross-border approach to bring people together and ensure the exchange of the latest scientific knowledge about Childhood Disabilities across Europe in the new reality of today.


What is parent empowerment?

Child in the Wheelchair

And how is it achieved for children with disabilities and their families?

Parent empowerment is described as “a process by which individuals gain mastery and control over their lives and a better understanding of their environment” [Zimmerman Marc et al 1992] and has become a hot topic in many areas including the field of childhood disability.