Announcement: EACD Europe 2021 & EACD Bruges 2024

EACD EUrope 2021

After a careful consideration, we would like to inform you that the on-site EACD meeting in Bruges will be postponed to 2024, and will be replaced next year by a new virtual meeting: EACD Europe 2021!

People with childhood disabilities and their families are living in challenging times. COVID-19 has hit our European society very hard and will keep our health care and economy for a long time in a stranglehold. Budgetary deficits are raging and savings are likely on the way. By taking a truly European perspective, EACD Europe 2021 has the ideal timing for EACD to conduct the discussion with local and European stakeholders on how to keep health service for people with childhood disabilities affordable with acceptable quality and to place the most urgent challenges on the European agenda.

Under the meeting theme ‘Childhood Disability in a Changing World’, we will look back on the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 on the area of childhood disability, from the use of remote consultation methods and tele-medicine up to the mental health impact. But also look forward to the newest trends in rehabilitation and care and the latest development in technology and innovation.

We as EACD believe that an online, innovative, proactive, and cross-border approach is required for 2021 to bring people together and ensure the exchange of the latest scientific knowledge about Childhood Disabilities across Europe in the new reality of today. And we are dedicated to bring you in 2021 a truly virtual EACD meeting, unique in its format and set-up. EACD Europe 2021 will consist of a 1-day kick-off event, followed by a number of thematic events of max. 3-4 hours over the period May – June 2020.

The developments for EACD Europe 2021 are in full swing, and more information and details will be announced soon. In light of these changes, we have temporarily closed our abstract submission tool. An appropriate solution will be found for all submitted abstracts. We will share more details about the set-up of the virtual meeting and the new abstract submission system for 2021 in the coming weeks.