EACD COVID-19 Surveys for Families and Professionals

EACD Survey

Dear EACD friends,
We hope you are doing well in these challenging times!

COVID-19 has created severe disruption in the world, and the impact of COVID-19 (and accompanied measures) is very high also for people with a disability, their families, and their therapists and health care providers.

The European Academy of Childhood Disability would like to gain more insight into the current situation of individuals with a childhood-onset disability/disorder, their families, and their therapists and health care providers across Europe, into their needs, and into how they are adapting to the new situation.

For this purpose, a survey has been created for Families (‘EACD COVID-19 Survey – Families’) and a survey has been created for Professionals (‘EACD COVID-19 Survey – Professionals’) across Europe.

As such, we would kindly like to invite you to participate in this European Survey. Please find an overview of both surveys in all available languages down below. By clicking on one of the links below, you will go directly to the survey in your preferred language. It will take no more than 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Our sincere thanks for your consideration to participate in this survey on behalf of the European Academy of Childhood Disability.

Your information and views in respect to these topics are crucial towards finding potential solutions addressing the need of individuals with a childhood-onset disability/disorder, their families, and their therapists and health care providers across Europe.

Is the survey not available in your preferred language? Or do you have any question about the above-mentioned? Please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@eacd.org  

Our warmest regards,

EACD COVID-19 Survey - Families

English (English): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Cg60RC

Dansk (Danish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/yA53Iv​​

Deutsch (German): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/l3Z6S2

Français (French): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/wILPct

Español (Spanish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/k8L7Q0

Italiano (Italian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Mfk2lm

Nederlandse (Dutch): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/MA7peF

Portuguese (Portugese): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/rN32Bs

Türkçe (Turkish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Ehrn9C

Svenska (Swedish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/n5SBxO

Polski (Polish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/LOqDgO

Српски (Serbian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/fnV95R

Українська (Ukrainian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/p4rWbs

Latviešu (Latvian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/IzQmiW

Lietuvių (Lithuanian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/e0Wk9z

Slovenščina (Slovene): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/CrZIaW

ქართული (Georgian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/C8jr3W

Magyar (Hungarian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/qx4AqV

Shqip (Albanian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Be1Lcd

EACD COVID-19 Survey - Professionals

English (English): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/KeC9Vv

Dansk (Danish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/MvyAl7​​

Deutsch (German): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/FIGw8o

Français (French): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Rv7lcP

Español (Spanish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/gqWVWR

Italiano (Italian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/vQUVtr

Nederlands (Dutch): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Atbomq

Portuguese (Portugese): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/v7RkRD

Türkçe (Turkish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/KHv9DF

Svenska (Swedish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Syw639

Polski (Polish): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/TmP1RU

Српски (Serbian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/dNs08o

Українська (Ukrainian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/OlpoNB

Latviešu (Latvian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/DTJPME

Lietuvių (Lithuanian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/Bm1lnC

Slovenščina (Slovene): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/GuryHz

ქართული (Georgian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/mGWxsS

Magyar (Hungarian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/X5Y58H

Shqip (Albanian): https://eacd.typeform.com/to/eBF9bS