Implementation of EACD Code of Conduct, EACD Equality & Diversity Policy, and EACD Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Code of OCnduct

EACD's mission is to relieve children and adolescents throughout Europe who have disabilities by the promotion of education and research into Childhood Disability. In pursuit of this mission, EACD aims: To promote and extend research in all aspects of childhood disability and publish the useful results of such research; To ensure  regular  teaching and exchange of information bearing on all aspects of childhood disability by means of meetings, symposia, working groups, exhibitions and publications; To support the medical and scientific aspects of research into the care and treatment of childhood disabilities; To foster co-operation and collaboration between those working in the field of childhood disabilities in Europe and elsewhere; To encourage people throughout Europe to work in the field of childhood disabilities; To maintain high ethical and scientific standards in all the activities of the EACD. In all of these aims and activities, EACD's values are Collaboration, Knowledge, Inclusion and Integrity.

Volunteers and employees play an essential role in ensuring EACD remains true to its values and respected and credible. For this reason, the EACD General Management Committee has worked out a Code of Conduct, an Equality and Diversity Policy, and a Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy, which set out the standards and expectations of employees and volunteers in terms of professional ethics, integrity, acting as a representative and safeguarding, which support our vision, mission and values. This Code of Conduct overarches all of EACD’s policies and procedures which guide conduct and behaviour, all of which are underpinned by EACD’s constitution and principles. This Code of Conduct is foreseen to apply to employees, workers, volunteers, members, and consultants. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct, EACD policies, employment or placement terms and conditions may result in action under EACD’s disciplinary procedure for employees, members, or a volunteer status review.

These policy documents can be viewed below and will be presented to the Annual General Meeting at May 20th, 17:30-19:00h CET for approval.

EACD Code of Conduct – Download here
EACD Equality and Diversity Policy – Download here
EACD Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – Download here