E-mental health interventions supporting the Needs of Children, Siblings and Parents in Pediatrics

 Martha Grootenhuis

Martha Grootenhuis (The Netherlands)

Martha Grootenhuis performs research on pediatric psychology in both the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in Utrecht as well as in the Emma Children's Hospital AMC in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She works on studies in order to identify psychosocial problems at an early age and stage, and interventions to improve psychosocial functioning and quality of life for children with cancer, chronic disease, their parents and other family members. Her research is increasingly relying on web-based applications, such as the KLIK method (www.hetklikt.nu), designed to systematically track the quality of life and development of children and integrate results in the clinical practice, and the psychosocial group intervention online Op Koers (www.opkoersonline.nl).

Lecture recorded at the 29th EACD Annual Meeting in Amsterdam on May 20,  2017